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Monday, May 22, 2017

Dershowitz: Trump Had Right to Call Comey Off Flynn's Trail

President Donald Trump had a constitutional right to tell FBI Director James Comey not to prosecute former national security adviser Michael Flynn, constitutional expert Alan Dershowitz said Saturday.

In remarks on "CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera," the Harvard law professor said there are two remedies for those who are outraged over Trump's firing of Comey after the president reportedly pressed Comey to drop his investigation of Flynn – "amend the Constitution, [or] don't vote for him."

"But don't try to expand the existing criminal law in violation of civil liberties to do what Stalin did, where [secret police chief Lavrentiy] Beria said, 'Show me the man, I'll give you the crime,'" Dershowitz said. "That's not America."

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Anonymous said...

Yes the President does just like he has the constitutional right to order the future FBI director to re-open the Clinton investigation. All the Clinton deserve to be rotting away in prison. The only thing worse then them are the filthy wastes of oxygen that voted for her.

Anonymous said...

The case was already closed against Flynn before the meeting between Comey and President Trump. Anyone who dares to investigate and really look at the stories surrounding January would see where he was cleared long before the meeting. The whole story about what Trump said was made up fake news. More garbage but this time by a disgruntled ex-employee who was actually the ultimate Obama holdover.

Anonymous said...

Jail Hillary.