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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Somerset Sailboat Fire Spruce Street

Date: April 20, 2016

Time: 6:38 p.m.

Location / Address: 913 Spruce St., Crisfield, Somerset Co.

Type of Incident: Fire

Description of Structure / Property: 22' catamaran sailboat

Owner / Occupants: Chris Mincarelli

Injuries or Deaths: None

Estimated $ Loss: Structure: $750 Contents: $0

Smoke Alarm Status: n/a

Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Status: n/a

Arrests(s): None

Primary Responding Fire Department: Crisfield

# of Alarms: 1 # Of Firefighters: 4

Time to Control: 5 minutes

Discovered By: Crisfield PD while on patrol

Area of Origin: Natural cover adjacent to the sailboat

Preliminary Cause: Accidental, utility pole transformer malfunctioned emitting showers of sparks which fell to the ground causing natural cover to ignite and spreading to the sailboat.


Anonymous said...

So, Delmarva Power gets to buy the guy a new boat?

Anonymous said...

$750 won't hurt DPL.