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Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Bad Day to Be a Social Justice Warrior on the Internet

If you send this article to your #SJW friends, let them know that this is loaded with earth shattering “triggers…” on second thought, don’t… Let this ruin their day.

Yesterday, National Geographic shot down the story that there were two mighty gay lions rolling around with each other in the African bush. As it turns out, “The lion on the bottom is more than likely a female African lion with a mane, a type of animal regularly seen in northern Botswana, where Nicole Cambré recently photographed the lions on safari.”

Did you hear the hearts of a million people using those images to justify whatever come crashing down all at once? I did.

Just think about the people who printed that picture out to make poster sized on their walls… because you know someone did it.

The second glorious #SJW crash and burn is that of the gay Austin preacher who has now sued whole foods for everything he can because he received a cake with a slur toward homosexuals on it. His attorneys claim that he ‘cried all day’ after receiving the cake.

Let’s do a deep dive on the facts here:
1 – He bought the cake at the flagship Whole Foods in Austin, Texas
2 – You’re gonna love this one… according to Whole Foods, the baker was gay.
3 – He received the cake with the offensive word on it in a clear box so he could see the word, then proceeded to walk through the store to the register where even more Whole Foods employees who live in Austin, Texas could see it and NO ONE CAUGHT THAT?

And the typical lefty sites pushing this aren’t buying it either. Buzzfeed comments range everywhere from “The hand writing is different as well as the consistency of the icing squeeze. this is BS. (IMHO as a cake decorator)” to “... the frosting color looks the same, but look at the hand writing its so off... dont buy this crap.” to “Am I the only one that think it's super suspicious that he randomly orders a cake to say "love wins" to celeberate when gay marriage became legal... yeah, that was 9 months ago....?”

No one’s buying it.

So if you’re tired of internet memes and awful stories being shoved down your throat, feel free to ‘share’ this article with your friends to show them how they’ve bought in to a heaping pile of not-so true stories this week.

Source: AAN


Anonymous said...

People just love to be entertained by stupid.
The whole nation has turned into a sideshow.

Anonymous said...

The Romans used this tactic. When the population became rowdy they simply had carnivals or games to distract them. No different. All these people that are out of work need something to do. It would be nice if they did something that improved themselves or made this country a better place but they typically dont. Not saying I would do any better. Just pointing out that its a giant merry go round and its not stopping.

Anonymous said...

Best of all, Whole Foods is supposedly suing him and his attorney for creating a fraud, and for filing a frivolous lawsuit. They claim to have evidence supporting their counter claim. (I'm guessing video from the register).