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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Home invasion In Fruitland: UPDATE

They didn't say much at all. They didn't state where, but the suspect was last seen running from the scene. They said it was a man and he was wearing air force one sneakers. That is all the details they gave.

Maybe we'll get an update later today. One thing I will say however, towns outside of Salisbury are not very happy as they know crime is spreading outside city limits. 

In the meantime while SPD Officers are running to tens of thousands of calls each year, there's no time to go after drug dealers and kingpins, none whatsoever. Keep serving that pizza Chief Duncan. 

Important Update: It was a man with a gun. We're also told this was not random at all. There is a possible suspect. 

Originally posted at 5:27 AM.


Anonymous said...

In the last few years I've had a few criminals recon my farm as a target. The 12 gauge that greeted them convinced them to find a other target. is YOUR responsibility to protect your family and property.

Anonymous said...

It's like that all over the country , the police won't do their jobs anymore , at least they won't do it like they used to. Of course The bury has been floating in crap and crime for years.

Anonymous said...

The citizens have been forced to protect themselves , that's what obama wanted to install military rule.

Anonymous said...

I also profile certain visitors on foot that come through our neighborhood and if they happen to approach my house they would be greeted by an armed homeowner! Unlike the police I CAN profile!

Anonymous said...

forget calling 911, Lock and Load

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
In the last few years I've had a few criminals recon my farm as a target. The 12 gauge that greeted them convinced them to find a other target. is YOUR responsibility to protect your family and property.

October 6, 2016 at 5:29 AM

And I hope on your farm is a machine to dig a very deep hole.

Anonymous said...

Obama wants to install military rule and martial law so he can take all of your guns and keep himself as President.

Anonymous said...

These so-called "home invasions" are nothing more than drug deals gone bad - or retaliation for a deal that didn't go down right.
When you read that three or four armed men performed a "home invasion" on a ramshackle, clapboard house with a poverty-level family living there, what the hell do you think they are looking for? A wall safe? Jewelry? Stocks and bearer bonds?
"No time to go after the drug dealers", they say? Then go after the home invaders. Same thing.

Anonymous said...

Policing in America is gone as we knew it. I was listening to a radio talk show last night and I had to ask myself why would anyone want to work in law enforcement today. Good Americans have been keeping quiet as the Left bashes the police. As you listen to Clinton and Ohbama one would think the police are out to slay every person of color that walks the street. The recent shooting in Charlotte proves it does not matter what color the officer is. It does not matter if the suspect has a gun. The subculture created by our government looks for reasons to loot and destroy.

The media states police systematically target Blacks and Latino men. Well that is partly true. The most lucrative job in America is selling dope. When an addict wants to buy dope they do not go to the gated communities to get it. The reality is that poor people resort to the path presented like it or not.

The police patrol target rich environments. It would be stupid not to. The ugly truth is those in control allow drugs to flow freely across the borders. The president has proven he does not want a war on drugs. I laugh when he calls it a social issue. If you take the drug trade out of the ghettos of America it would become a third world society. Hence that is why he never speaks of Chicago. Chicago has become the major hub to drug distribution for this nation. That is why you see the murder rate in Chicago replicating that of a war zone. This move by Ohbama to keep hands off and police out of the way makes absolutely no sense. It is as if he has a stake in the game.

The fact is it is easier to blame the police then to except responsibility for the culture our government has created.

Chief Duncan and those like her police in a manner that has been dictated by the top. Sadly they are pandering to our own demise. Those like Sheriff Lewis who call out the obvious get chastised for speaking the plain truth.

Do not get me wrong there are police that have made it through the net. They are a overwhelming minority. The majority just want to do the job they are sworn to do and go home every night just to come out and work a system that is broken. In the millions of contacts weekly the police have with the public less than one percent go sideways. If you look at without prejudice that is an exceptional number. My hats off to those who serve and protect. As for the cops out there who are letting Rome burn I get it. You are in game set to fail by today's politicians. Just remember as long as one soldier stands on the battle field the war is not over.

Anonymous said...

Your are right about much except Duncan. She is a liberal who like Jake Day turns a blind eye and speaks of sunshine and daisies. They should open their eyes to see what is happening in the slum of the city but they won't . They get paid just the same.

Anonymous said...

"There's no time to go after drug dealers and kingpins"

What a friggin joke.
They allow knowing drug dealers to live and continue to bring down a neighborhood for years, do nothing, and NEVER EVER EVER find a Kingpin.
That is the biggest lie put upon the citizens.
The police are lazy and do nothing about it.
They are liars
We lived it, and the cops lied to our faces, including those at the top.
I have no respect for them anymore as a citizen.

Bet these POS don't have drive by shootings going on at their next door neighbors house.

They brought the social war on themselves.

lmclain said...

Traffic patrol. For seat belt violators and people who have cash. People who say "yes, sir' when they get pulled over in Fuitland for doing 27 in a 25. People who just shut up and pay.
Easy work.
Yes - it's EASY WORK. Cops have an ARMY waiting to show up and teach ANYONE who doesn't like it who is REALLY the boss and will kill to prove it. The ONLY people who think it's hard work are cops because they just can't come out and say that sitting behind a bush and pointing a radar gun at Susie Citizen is heavy lifting. And THAT is the great majority of their "job". Easy work.
Anyone can drive down Church St or go out along West Rd and buy guns or drugs in about 10 minutes. Except police, huh? I was driving from the Post Office the other day and a group of TEENAGERS waved me to stop (!!) and asked me what I needed. I can go down that street (or down Isabella St) and point to several houses where cars from Florida (Benz's, Jag's, etc.) are parked in front of ghetto rental houses owned by the lawyer slumlords in Salisbury). They ain't selling Amway, boys. Everyone know this. Except the police. They concentrate on that major crime syndicate, the speeding citizen. They park 10 cop cars and search HUNDREDS of people LOOKING for crime. HOPING to FIND some crime.
But they can't park ONE car on the corner of Isabella and Roger St????
They could find a lot of crime if they weren't so afraid of getting their ace whipped and shot by a 17 year old wanna-be gangster. Plus, (and here's the key) he doesn't have any money for a fine.
Keep cheering.
Use your name, sissies.

Anonymous said...

Im Clain,
I agree completely with your comments.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I've seen some real terrible things in fruitland.I have seen literally toddlers and children standing in the streets, without parents or adults around. The police are too worried about catching speeders and not patrolling its citizens.

Anonymous said...

Fruitland pd is all about meeting their traffic citation quotas.

Anonymous said...

10:10am some of us work in positions that require us to maintain a veil of anonymity. If you want to measure manhood. I'll be happy to meet you anytime, any day.

Anonymous said...

SPD does investigate drug crimes, as part of the Drug Task Force, which is comprised of no fewer than six local, county, state and federal agencies. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean that it isn't happening.

lmclain said... mean driving around in unmarked cars and dressing up like tourists for a month or so to buy dime bags of pot and and then tout your "undercover" work as something that has made an "impact"?
Meet me somewhere?
You're probably the type of cop who waits for 5 OTHER cops to show up and THEN starts looking for a fight. AFTER someone is in handcuffs the "tough guy" comes out, right? A real 5'6" bad ass.
Are you going to wear high heels to make you look taller?
Have 5 other cops (undercover of course) a few yards away, waiting to save you?
Keep a "throwaway" gun you can claim was mine?
Shoot me and claim I "moved fast" and ....wait for were AFRAID?
Cops pick fights with civilians, thinking all that weightlifting and macho attitude will somehow help them win a fight. When they take the ass whipping they INSTIGATED, the VERY FIRST THING they do is call for OTHER COPS to arrest the winner for "assualt on a police officer".
You'd be best to stick with messing with skinny crackheads, son.
I don't have that lose when it comes to "life in prison".
And, for're right. "We, the people" don't see it and we don't see much EVER happening from how many?? six?? separate undercover cop operations.

Unknown said...

If you ask really feel this way why can't we come together and make a change? Why don't we really together go to town hall and demand them to hear us and listen! The only way things change is if we change them. We are the deciding factor we are the tax payers, the citizens, the voice of reason. Public officials have a obligation and if they do not full that obligation to the best of those ability while following protocols and procedures then they no longer need their position. Communities can do a better job policing their own neighborhoods then these "officers" do it's a business..I ask this to you and be is stop and frisk unconstitutional but a dwi dui check point isn't? That's just one example...let's get out together and stop this note and here.

Anonymous said...

Living in Fruitland with a population of only 5000 people or less, WE SHOULD feel SAFE with 23 policemen in the city. But where are you going to find one? It takes 3 police cars to stop 1 car, and if they're not doing that, they're making 30 or more calls to a big box store, WALMART. I wonder if Walmart pays anything towards the policemen's salary~~they should do. This Police Dept is way out of hand in Fruitland. Can't pave the streets because of police salaries. It's a money pit!

Anonymous said...

Duncan plays Pokémon Go in the parking lot. I mean c'mon...