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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Rush: 'Wizards of Smart' All Wrong on Financial Fallout From Brexit

The "wizards of smart" on the left and among elites in the establishment and mainstream media got it wrong in predicting permanent doom-and-gloom for the global financial markets in the aftermath of Britain's vote to leave the European Union, Rush Limbaugh said Wednesday.

In his daily radio show, Limbaugh mocked the pundits' depressing long-term view of the historic vote.

"The stock market came back, futures are up 100 points, [the] sky isn't falling," he said, adding, the "wizards of smart said that the world's financial markets were gonna go to hell all because of the Brexit vote."

"Everything happens predictably – except when the doom and gloom sets in, they want you to believe it's permanent and it's all over," Limbaugh said. "And, sadly, it works. It creates cumulatively this overwhelming attitude of doom and gloom that the establishment and the left predicts and creates every time they don't get their way."

Limbaugh decried that "nobody stops to explain to people that panic is the order of the day in each and every day."

"It's generally ginned up, and it's all part of the daily soap opera script that's written by the establishment to keep everybody unsettled and off guard," he said.


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Anonymous said...

All markets are controlled by the international bankers.