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Saturday, April 09, 2016



Anonymous said...

Sounds a little far fetched, but you never know what the government has up their sleeves. We wI'll never find out the truth about this... if it ever came out to be true, I would think you would find major revolt against this government, no matter who is running the country.

Anonymous said...

Only if God is not in your life.If he isn't in your life everything is a threat.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...'s not. Just crazies in needs of tin foil and meds.

Anonymous said...

What a nut job!

Anonymous said...

No scientific proof at all! Vegan, body cleansing. Probably no protective antibodies in him at all! Sure, he's going to be sensitive to any new pollen and germs in a new location his body is not accustomed to.

What a dope!

Your Local "IT" Guy said...

Lost me at vegan

Anonymous said...

It must be true as Elvis told me it was at dinner last night. Not to drop names but JFK & MM were at the next table. They said their friend Howard Hughes flew them in for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Hah! Reynolds Wrap in bulk from Sam's Club