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Friday, April 29, 2016

John Boehner Calls Ted Cruz "A Miserable Son Of A Bitch, Lucifer In The Flesh"

Is the establishment's fervent hatred of Donald Trump starting a U-turn? It's still too early to know, however at least one core Republican, former house speaker John Boehner, has made it very clear he is not a fan of Ted Cruz. At all. So much so that according to NBC the former Republican House Speaker told an audience at Stanford University Wednesday that the Texas senator is "Lucifer in the flesh" and a "miserable son of a bitch."

When asked about the 2016 presidential candidate at a forum hosted by Stanford in Government and the Stanford Speakers Bureau, Boehner drew laughter for making a face of disgust, according to the Stanford Daily.

"Lucifer in the flesh," Boehner said cited by the paper. "I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life."

Boehner's shocking statement came because he was urged by the event's moderator, Professor David M. Kennedy, to be frank because the event was not being broadcasted. Perhaps Boehner did not realize people were still taking notes.



Steve said...

Hard to tell what to make of this "opinion" since Boner has proven himself to be such a Rino. I have a hard time listening to this gutless mushroom anymore.

Steve said...

To add, he's probably just lying, bur for reasons known only to him.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the author, Cruz is poltergeist!

Steve said...

Since people are already against Boner's Rino agenda, this may play as a way to fool them into actually supporting Cruz on that principal.

It won't work, but hell, John, nice try! D-head.

Anonymous said...

Drunk blogging and commenting leads to nothing but nonsense. Sleep it off, eggheads.

Hicup said...

Pot calling the Kettle Black

Anonymous said...

Don't like Boehner, but he has it right.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust either one of them!