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Friday, March 11, 2016

The Chevy Volt is the perfect car — but nobody seems to care

Let me set the Wayback machine to 2010 for a moment.

Excitement then around electric cars and plug-in hybrid electric cars was running high. The Toyota Prius had revolutionized the way Americans thought about fuel economy.

But the original Prius design didn't involve all-electric operation. So the next logical step in the the evolution of the automobile was a different type of hybrid gas-electric design.

The Prius' parallel-hybrid powertrain, with gas and electric motors running at the same time, would be supplanted by a serial hybrid design, with an electric motor delivering about 40 miles of range before depleting its batteries, at which point, a small gas engine would kick in to generate more electricity.



Anonymous said...

But it's a Chevy.

Anonymous said...

And if it were not for the government taking taxpayer money and giving it to GM the Volt would never exist. And no, they have never paid it all back. I'll never buy another GM product.

Anonymous said...

So if GM redesigned the volt and reintroduced it to market is it a revolt?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


That is all.