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Friday, October 16, 2015

Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Should Be Disqualified From Presidential Race

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says that former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email scandal should disqualify her from the presidency. Taking it a step further, Trump says that if she were a Republican, she would already be serving jail time.

In March 2015, it came to light that Clinton had used a private server to send and receive emails while Secretary of State, Huffington Post reports. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been investigating the content of Clinton’s emails to determine if there had been an intentionally illegal passing of classified information. The State Department has been releasing her emails for the public record in large installments.

Trump spoke about the scandal during a campaign rally in Norcross, Georgia, on Oct. 10. According to CNN, the business mogul thinks that Clinton’s private server was criminal.

"I can tell you this: If that were a Republican that did what she did with the emails, they would have been in jail 12 month ago," he said. "It is a very unfair system."



Anonymous said...

I predict that Donald Trump will go the way of JFK...the evil people who run both parties will not brook anyone to show them up.

Anonymous said...

Once again Donald is right. Don't know if he'll get elected (or survive it 11:07). But it nowhere near the worst that could happen!

Anonymous said...

Probably not. A Republican would only get the job within a Republican administration, so they'd still be protected.

bloggerhater1 said...

He's right once again.