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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

If You're White, Shame on You

The leftist-inspired deconstruction of traditional America — and by extension, the dominant white Judeo-Christian culture that formed the basis of it — continues apace. MTV has produced “White People,” a documentary in which five young white people are made to feel uncomfortable about their inherently “privileged” position in society. This claptrap is narrated by Jose Antonio Vargas, an openly gay Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist whose coming out as an illegal alien in a 2011 New York Times column has earned him celebrity status — and apparently, legal immunity.

As the trailer indicates, the documentary aims to “change the way you think about white history” and urges its audience to “all get uncomfortable together” when dealing with racial issues. In a Facebook postaccompanied by the picture of the same young white man apparently reduced to tears in the trailer, Vargas spells out his objective: “We cannot have an honest conversation about race in America until we explore and unpack what ‘whiteness’ and ‘white privilege’ mean in America.”

MTV President Stephen Friedman doubles down on this invidious nonsense in a press release. “Whiteness often remains unexamined in conversations about race in this country, even as it acts as the implicit norm against which other racial identities are judged,” he insists. “By shining a spotlight on whiteness, we hope ‘White People’ will serve as a powerful conversation starter that encourages our audience to address racial bias through honest, judgment-free dialogue.”

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Anonymous said...

Morons who pay for cable TV are financing this.

Anonymous said...

no shame here. red and yellow, black and white, they are ALL precious in God's sight. forget Man. most are heathens and don't have a clue.

lmclain said...

How about shining a spotlight on teenage pregnancy, high school drop out rate, generational welfare dependence, the glamorizing of misogyny, violence, and drug dealing, and having several children at the age of 18 (that you can't, and have no expectation of, ever supporting them by yourself).
Quit blaming other races for your failures. Your race is the ONLY one that does that. Trying to make other people feel "privileged" because they married the mother of their children, got a job, obeyed the law, and raised their children to do well in school, well, that's a typical loser's method of deflecting the criticism of his actions.
You didn't go to prison because you were BLACK --- you went there because you were caught selling 5 kilo's of cocaine!
Like millions of other WHITE people, I grew up dirt poor. I have what I have from hard work and sacrifice. Lots of both.
Just TRY some hard work and sacrifice --- it will be amazing what that can get you.
Just please, shut up about how its someone else's fault that you can't read or write, have 4 kids who can't stay out of trouble, think beating up a "bitch" is cool, and live in public housing. Sounds like you never gave hard work a chance.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting. What self-hating neurotic idiots they must be.

But for MTV to call it "White People"? Implying those morons represent my people, or some sort of racial supplication delivered to a superior race of noble crusaders for justice?

F you, MTV. And same to the producer of such drivel. I can only imagine the outrage from the ghetto set if a "Black People" show portrayed the shallow, narcissistic degeneracy of the parasitic subculture.

Anonymous said...

Remember, it's television, and television is all about selling you something. And what they're trying to sell you isn't confined to the commercials anymore.

Anonymous said...

quit cable TV 5 years ago