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Monday, June 01, 2015

Dozens arrested in drug crackdown; 10,000 bags of heroin seized

MINQUADALE, DELAWARE (5/30/2015) More than two dozen people were arrested and others are being sought in a crackdown on illegal drug trafficking and violence, New Castle County police announced Friday.

The arrests Thursday in the county, including in Wilmington, were made by county and city police, Delaware State Police and the FBI.

The investigation, dubbed “Operation Smack Down,” began in August and focused on drug trafficking led by Adrin Smack and others in New Castle County, police said.

The U.S. Marshals Office, Maryland State Police, Delaware Department of Correction Probation and Parole officers and the Delaware Department of Justice also were involved in the nine-month investigation, which resulted in more than 400 counts in criminal indictments being issued for drug distribution, weapons possession, possession of illegal drugs, conspiracy and related offenses.

Police said they seized:

• 10,524 bags of heroin (about 158 grams)
• 27.4 grams of marijuana
• 35.5 grams of cocaine
• $17,054 cash
• A 9 mm handgun
• A .32 caliber revolver
• Ammunition



Anonymous said...

Get that heroine crap off the streets. Anyone caught with that stuff should get a stif sentence.

Anonymous said...

The price of oxy's is going skyrocket until the void is filled. Look for more robberies and crime to support the increased cost of their habits.

Anonymous said...

When one looks at the total amounts of confiscated drugs it seems very, very minor. Sounds good but it probably cost the taxpayer millions to investigate and apprehend those individuals and will cost many more millions to prosecute and house. These are willing distributors selling to willing buyers. Why not take all of those millions and educate, no, indoctrinate kids on the harm caused by drugs. Just think if all drugs were controlled by the state. Plenty of tax income for just such education. Way fewer killings, robberies, carjacking etc due to taking the profit out of the trade.

Anonymous said...

How come Salisbury cops don't go after our drug dealers?

Anonymous said...

Tiffany Smack...ironic...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How come Salisbury cops don't go after our drug dealers?

June 1, 2015 at 11:48 PM

we don't have any

Anonymous said...

Some wonderful news for a change.

Anonymous said...

We don't hear anything about big drug bust in Salisbury any more. Whatever happened to the drug task force???? Used to read stuff every month.