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Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Reason George W. Bush Requested a Redo of a Purple Heart Ceremony is AWESOME

When it comes to class, it’s hard to top former President George W. Bush, especially when you’re talking about showing support for the military.

It’s evident throughout his years of political service that he has massive respect for the men and women who serve this great nation, and former press secretary Dana Perino recently shared a story in her new book that proves this point elegantly.

Have some tissues ready, because this just might start the water works.

Perino writes that back in 2005, Bush was scheduled to meet with 25 patients in the hospital, one of which was a Marine in the intensive care unit who had suffered serious injuries from a roadside bomb.



Anonymous said...

A class act that won't happen under Obama.

Anonymous said...

Listen Barry O to learn these guys are all terrorists. Listen to the U of MD they're cowards and disrespectful. We shouldn't be spending tax dollars on them

Anonymous said...

Miss George W.

Anonymous said...

who killed bin laden
not the bushjumper

ginn said...

How many 9/11 families has he, or his cohort in that crime Dick Cheney, visited?
None, because he can't face them knowing what he's done to them.