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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lawmaker Rethinking Welfare Drug-testing Proposal

Just hours after the Indiana House voted to approve a drug-testing requirement for welfare recipients, the lawmaker who proposed the idea says he is rethinking it.

Rep. Terry Goodin, a Democrat from a conservative-leaning Southern Indiana district, surprised many people when he proposed the testing requirement in a last-minute amendment on the House floor Tuesday.

His reason: He wanted to help stop a fast-moving HIV outbreak in Scott County that has been fueled by illegal drug use. More than 100 people have been infected.

The Republican-controlled House eagerly approved the measure Wednesday on an 83-13 vote.

But Goodin is now reconsidering his proposal after learning from The Indianapolis Star that only nine adults in Scott County receive payments through the welfare program known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. About 60 additional adults receive benefits on behalf of 93 children.


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Anonymous said...

That ANY number of welfare recipients is diverting any public money to drugs is cause for testing all. How many of us have to periodically or randomly test to keep our jobs? How many welfare recipients can't apply for or hold a job because they can't shake off the demon? Fail the test, go to mandatory counseling and monitoring. Fail the test, lose benefits unless you get your act together.