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Saturday, April 04, 2015

Boardwalk wind turbines reinstalled after damage

Installing wind-based energy production turbines on the roof of a Boardwalk condo is a daunting enough project without suspected vandalism.

But turbine business owner Scott Lebowitz is past all that, “We settled with the insurance company in December, from there it’s a matter for the insurance company and the OCPD.”

Lebowitz said that a few weeks after the initial turbine system was installed with some local fanfare in late 2013, it was discovered that it had been tampered with. That in itself is sort of extraordinary, considering that the workers now replacing the damaged units need a crane to maneuver the replacements into place.

Nevertheless, the investigation and settlement took almost one year to the day to get the ball (re)rolling.



Anonymous said...

LOL vandalism! Who in the hell do they think they are fooling. It's the wind and moist salt air that's the culprit. Anyone with even a pea brain KNOWS these turbines can't stand up to Mother Nature and it's beyond ignorance to even think they are going to last for any length of time near the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Mechanical equipment simply won't work near the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Junk @ taxpayers expense!

Anonymous said...

When we lived right on the ocean we had to get the outdoor part of our heat pump replaced ever couple of years. This because it was raised up on a platform and it would deteriorate and pieces would be all over the sidewalk below making a constant mess so we replaced instead of repair. We were without telephone on a regular basis because of the moisture getting in the outside box. We had ceiling fan approved for outside on our porches and they would break after a few years and need replaced. We had the ocean house from 1981-2008 and the fans were replaced 3x's.
So 12:26 is correct. Anything metal w/moving parts won't last.

Anonymous said...

The one in Berlin was built in Jan 2014 and by July it had crapped out. Would still spin but not converting energy.

Anonymous said...

We used to have this wooden thing that used to spin spin spin on our porch in OC. Every so often it would barely spin no matter how hard the wind was blowing and then stop completely until I got out the WD 40, sprayed it on the metal pole on the inside and then it would spin spin spin again. Forever was spraying the storm door mechanism because that would freeze up making it impossible for the door to close securely.