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Friday, November 14, 2014

Regulations Strip Existing Protections Against Gambling Addictions

Maryland is on the verge of quietly and quickly rewriting the Casino regulations which will result in more devastation for families who have members prone to gambling addiction.

Proposed “Emergency Regulations” will allow Maryland Casino to give gambling addicts more access to more money in shorter amounts of time and will allow the Casinos to maintain their records for shorter periods of time. In addition the proposed “Emergency Regulations” will make it harder for the addicted gambler to self report and exclude herself from Maryland Casinos in the future.

Under the Ehrlich Administration, when the Maryland legislature was discussing putting Slot Machines in the race track locations (because there was State sanctioned gambling already going on there) it was the Progressive/Liberals who argued that further legalizing gambling in general and slots in particular would have a devastating effect on poor and minority populations. That money meant for families would be misdirected to the one armed bandits.

In order to protect Maryland children and their families from the unintended consequences of expanded legalized gambling the evil Republicans had to be stopped from passing any form of expanded gambling that included slot machines.

As soon as the Governor’s Office was occupied by a progressive, ultra liberal Democrat, then “Slot’s for Tots” was born. Democrat slots would save education by spending the money raised from the slots on K-12 education in Maryland. Setting aside the fact that not another additional dollar would ever go to education, since for every dollar into Education, from slots, another dollar was taken out of the education funding,slots was put on the ballot and sold to the people of Maryland on a few basic premises.

First the people were promised that the money raised by the State would be used to improve education in Maryland.
It never was used for that purpose.


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