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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Isn’t It Rich?

WASHINGTON — CHELSEA CLINTON never acted out during the eight years she came of age as America’s first daughter.

No ditching of her Secret Service detail. No fake IDs for underage tippling. No drug scandal. No court appearance in tank top and toe ring. Not even any dirty dancing.

Despite a tough role as the go-between in the highly public and embarrassing marital contretemps of her parents, Chelsea stayed classy.

So it’s strange to see her acting out in a sense now, joining her parents in cashing in to help feed the rapacious, gaping maw of Clinton Inc.

With her 1 percenter mother under fire for disingenuously calling herself “dead broke” when she left the White House, why would Chelsea want to open herself up to criticism that she is gobbling whopping paychecks not commensurate with her skills, experience or role in life?

As the 34-year-old tries to wean some of the cronies from the Clinton Foundation — which is, like the Clintons themselves, well-intended, wasteful and disorganized — Chelsea is making speeches that go into foundation coffers. She is commanding, as The Times’s Amy Chozick reported, up to $75,000 per appearance.

Chozick wrote: “Ms. Clinton’s speeches focus on causes like eradicating waterborne diseases. (‘I’m obsessed with diarrhea’ is a favorite line.)”



Anonymous said...

I wouldn't give her 75 cents.

Anonymous said...

Spoiled rich kid. Has never known what it is like to do without.

Anonymous said...

It's simply big business hedging their bets that Billary will be the next president by paying them off beforehand, for access to the big deal. She's (Chelsea) a nobody, her parents are the somebodies in powerfull places, that will remember the gift$$$$ to their daughter. It's payoff, clear and simple.

Anonymous said...

Public life has made her parents extremely wealthy, why would she not follow in their footsteps. She will run for office.

Anonymous said...

10:38 AM,
We hope not.

Anonymous said...

She don't give a s#$% about people just how she can benefit.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bill acted out to compensate for his wife and daughter.