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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Woman Accuses DEA Agent of Smashing Her Neck with M-16 Rifle

Woman claims agents disconnected surveillance cameras during raid on smoke shop

A woman in Alpine, Texas has accused a DEA agent of smashing her neck with the butt of an M-16 rifle during a raid on her sister’s smoke shop.



Anonymous said...

Just a comment about our police in and around Salisbury.
On 5/14/2014 the sheriffs office responded to 106 calls , 80 in Salisbury and 26 in the county.
I was just wondering what the Salisbury police are doing during these calls.
This about what happens every day , 75% of the calls are in Salisbury.
Maybe the Salisbury police respond to the same with the sheriffs office , just seems a little odd.

Anonymous said...

Another case of jackbooted thuggery. The police state is getting out of control.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she deserved it?