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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


HEBRON CARNIVAL WILL OPEN: Wed May 28 and run thru July 5


Hebron Carnival will run Wednesday nights thru Saturday nights.
We will be closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights

Food and rides starts 6:30 p.m
Wrist Bands for rides are only $12.00, for all night.

$10,000 GIVE-A-WAY - Tickets $10 or 3 for $25

50 inch LG LED Flat Screen TV - Tickets $5 or 3 for $10

42 inch cut Troy Bilt 17.5 H/P Lawn Tractor - Tickets $5 or 3 for $10

Great food, Famous oyster sandwiches, Homemade crab cakes, Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. Also French fries, pizza, chicken nuggets, clam strips, and funnel cakes, also there will be crab balls and shrimpies. We have sodas and soft ice cream. Food and fun for all.

Come ride our rides, and have some fun, and you can ride all the rides all night. Don't forget to try your luck at Bingo, or many of our other games.

200 S. MAIN ST
HEBRON, MD. 21830


Anonymous said...

The best event in the area hands down!

Anonymous said...

I will pass! I can't stand all that dirt and dust flying around in the air. You can't breathe because of the dirt and the smokers then you have to eat the dirt as it lands on your food.

Anonymous said...

It's a fun time for the kids...not complainers!!!! everyone enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

1:56 Good, stay in the city, and enjoy the arts and hippies!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
1:56 Good, stay in the city, and enjoy the arts and hippies!

May 27, 2014 at 3:05 PM

I won't be going there either. Just do something to keep the dust down.

Anonymous said...

OMG, there is dirt on the ground…imagine that! No concrete anywhere. What kind of place is this? I'd never let my children run around in such filthy dirt. It's much safer for them to play on the plaza with trash, bums and urine stained concrete. Oh, one other thing, please tell those dirty farmers to stop discing their fields. This dust blowing all over the road and such.

Stay in Da Bury then!!!

Anonymous said...

WooHoo! We love going to the local carnivals and other fundraising events for our dinner. We end up spending more than it would cost to dine at Restaurant 213, but it's for a good cause so we don't mind. Nothing like a Candy Apple and Cotton Candy for desert!

Anonymous said...

We will be going several times to enjoy the food and the fun while supporting the real firemen!

Anonymous said...

Gotta be a whiny come-here who complains about dirt and dust. We are made out of dirt ya know. lol. Got to admit though, you are the first one I have ever heard whine about dirt and dust at a carnival. Most complain in there were not enough oysters in their sandwich. Stay home. Then there will be one less person in line and I can get my sandwich faster.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the firemen should stay home if you have an emerg. 1:56 pm too much dirt & dust for them !