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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Willey: America Deserves Better Than Clintons

“What difference does it make?”

Indeed, Madam Secretary, Madam Senator, former first lady and FLOA, it makes a very big difference.

The last time we saw Hillary Clinton as our secretary of state, she was testifying before a congressional committee about Benghazi. During that meeting on Jan. 22, 2013, we heard her shriek, “What difference does it make?”

Earlier, right before one of the presidential debates, on Oct. 15, 2012, Hillary stated during a series of interviews that she, as secretary of state, was responsible for the security of the embassy staff. “The buck stops here.”

I remember being so surprised when I heard it, but I was immediately suspicious.



Anonymous said...

Hillary is a true "Madam" as in the sex kind, she is out to screw us all!

Anonymous said...

Hitlery would be worse than Obama (if that is possible).

Anonymous said...

Minorities and unions will tow the line for the Clinton's.

Anonymous said...

Just two lyin' grifters. Nothing to see here except cankles. Move along!

Anonymous said...

White trash, not fit to breath the same air as me that's for sure. He's as vulgar and putrid as they come and her for standing behind the cigar wielding pervert just shows how desperate she is.
He's another one like Obama. Doesn't know who is father is, run around mother. That's why they treat woman so bad. It's a complex you get when your own mother is a hosebag.