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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Man Assaulted By Maryland Police For Filming Arrest

Police claim man’s First Amendment suspended for legally filming

A young man in Maryland reportedly “lost” his First Amendment right Sunday while attempting to film a police encounter.

In cellphone footage uploaded to Vimeo, a large group of police thought to be from the Baltimore County Police Department can be seen arresting two people as a massive crowd watches from the sidewalk. As the video’s author quietly films, one officer spots the camera and immediately approaches.

“Get out of my face,” the officer bizarrely says after walking up to the camera.



Anonymous said...

I watched the video. If it can be taken at face value, the officer should be disciplined.

Anonymous said...

The case is out of Towson just down from the college. The students are pissing in yards,throwing trash everywhere,yelling in a working class neighborhood all hours of the night. Sound a little like Smallsbury. The kids here in Smallsbury got a snoot full of pepper spray. lol I think the Towson Rowdies got off easy.

Also the kid recording should have been informed his phone carmera was now possible evidence due to recording a crime. The cops should have taken. The phone put it in property as evidence. The kid would get it back in about one year.

So the cop lowered his level to the clientele he was facing. Not a good call. Why do kids today think they have a right to be drunk and disorderly in a public setting. Respect your neighbors. Grow up

Anonymous said...

1:56 he did not record a crime, therefore confiscating his property would be inappropriate.

Nice try Danno.

Anonymous said...

12:48 - Fired! He was wrong on so many levels!

Anonymous said...

1:56 Everybody with a cell phone is out trying to incite police assault. Just so whacko's, like 3:15, can pound their chest while knitting a quilt.

Anonymous said...

1:56 PM

geesh you are dense. I am so tired of you amateur detectives spewing crap which you have no clue about. watching tv cop shows does not make you a lawyer. and you missed the point entirely.

Anonymous said...

Police do that all by themselves. That's part of the reason they hate, HATE, people from recording them. The whole world now can see just what type of 'people' we have been dealing with for such a long time.

And I am so sick of the "poor me, put on an uniform, nobody knows what we do or what we put up with" crap.

You guys are hired only if you have low I.Q.'s, trained to BREAK the law, restrict rights of people, assault people, kill people AND their pets, ride around in hardened military equipment, lie, cheat, steal, rape, EVERYTHING you are supposed to STOP.

You are not heros, knights in shining armor, warriors against evil. YOU ARE EVIL.

The world is starting to wake up to that fact, and you bullies can not stand it.

You are being shown for the type of animals you are. And that sob story about a few bad apples? The WHOLE barrel is bad.

You don't want to help the people who HIRED YOU AND PAY YOUR SALARY?

Newsflash: you are no longer any help. You are a hinderance. We would be better off if YOUR guns were confiscated and given to the people and let them defend themselves.

Maybe then they won't get killed for calling for help.

Maybe you are the last one to realize this so let me clue you in.

Police are no longer respected, trusted, wanted and in most cases, even needed.

Your shiny badges have turned black from your very own actions, inactions, corruption and overall ineffectiveness.

So go to your cop bars, cry in your beers and commiserate with each other.

We no longer care or want to hear your pity parties.

Anonymous said...

Poster 4:00 PM you're a fool and the rest like you,

And even if this guy recorded a crime, they cops can no just confiscate it, PERIOD!!! there are proper ways to go about handling this even if it did record a crime...

And for the less educated once like poetser 4:00pm, there are no laws stopping you from recording police... NONE you can mention wiretapping laws and stuff but the supreme court ruled that no public or peace officer in the public view is expected to have privacy... NOT TO MENTION THEY RECORD YOU WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT...

Anonymous said...

8:07 Almost ALL of these "recordings" start AFTER the person has resisted, and enticed the officer into a questionable position. People are going out of their way to be youtube money makers. You're the fool, for following along like a good little sheep. Baaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
8:07 Almost ALL of these "recordings" start AFTER the person has resisted, and enticed the officer into a questionable position. People are going out of their way to be youtube money makers. You're the fool, for following along like a good little sheep. Baaaaaaaaaa

February 28, 2014 at 9:32 AM

If that's the best defense you have, you might as well sit down and be quiet.

Even if what you say about the filming starting after a suspect resists arrest is true, there is still no justification for the bad and illegal actions of the police.

The police are allowed to use enough force to affect an arrest. And when the arrest has been completed, the force should end as well.

All too often that is not the case. Once these goons start beating on people, they lose control and cannot and will not stop.

THAT is one of the main reason for filming cops in the first place.

We have gotten wise to the 'tricks of the trade' cops use to attempt to make their assaults and killings justifiable.

Shouting stop resisting while they pummel a person who is offering no resistance is one.

Cops often seem to think everyone else has a low I.Q. like they do, and are required to have to be hired in the first place.

The cops' house of cards is falling down all around them. They HATE being recorded because now there is a record of them breaking the law and their own dept's policies.

They are getting caught in their lies and falsifying their reports.

Then YOU have the nerve to call those who record sheep. Which doesn't even make sense.

Sheep would not record the police and hold them accountable. Just another attempt to intimidate, belittle, insult and a weak attempt to get people to stop recording the real criminals.

But I understand. The cops world of doing anything they want with no repercussions is coming to an end. The cops are desperate to retain their little kingdom and rule. Albeit an illegal one.

FINALLY, the tide is turning against these corrupt cops. Get used to it. The 'sheep' have only just begun.