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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Former President Bill Clinton Writes...

From: Bill Clinton
To: Joe Albero

Joe --

We've never solved one single problem in this country with less democracy. We've never moved forward with less participation.

It's not enough anymore for us to be against voting restrictions; we need to get back on that road forward and work for more and easier voting.

I'm joining with the Democratic Party to help launch our new Voter Expansion Project. If you're committed to expanding voting rights for everyone, will you add your name to mine?

If more people voted, imagine how much closer we could be to achieving all the progress you and I are out there fighting for. We could be closer to equal pay for equal work, we could be closer to equality for all, and economic opportunity could be closer for every American in every community.

I'm willing to bet that if more Americans had their voices heard, there would be less gridlock in Washington, too.

You want to know what scares the opponents of progress? The fear that more progress will happen if more people have their voices heard -- and that's why they're fighting to roll back access to voting across the country.

Today, I'm asking you to stand with me to make it easier for people to vote, to get more people registered, get them to the polls, and to make sure once they cast their ballot that their vote is counted.


Bill Clinton


Anonymous said...

"If you're committed to expanding voting rights for everyone, will you add your name to mine?"... and can we use your great-great-great-grandparents, and anyone else, in your family, who is no longer with the living?

Anonymous said...

Watch out, Joe, he's after your wife!

Anonymous said...

As a famous Greek once said "Too much democracy is anarchy"

Anonymous said...

ask him if this means you get to invest in his Hedge Fund?

Anonymous said...

we dont need more votes as much as we need someone worthy to vote FOR.

Anonymous said...

He allowed a navy to get get blown up and did nothing. His wife killed americans in benjazi.

Anonymous said...

He and his wife are both pieces of crap and liars.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is he still playing his harmonica?