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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Only 1,284 Enrolled In Obamacare In Maryland

73,000 families are losing their insurance because of the President’s plan

Washington, D.C.
- Today, the Department of Health and Human Services released the information on the number of people who have enrolled in the health insurance marketplaces. In Maryland, only 1,284 individuals have selected a plan on the health insurance marketplace between October 1 and November 2nd. That number pales in comparison to the over 73,000 people who have seen their plans terminated.

“The website sign up process has been an embarrassment, but the real train wreck of the President’s health plan is for the 73,000 families who lost their insurance,” said Rep. Andy Harris, M.D. “The President made three promises: if you liked your plan you could keep it, if you liked your doctors you could keep them, and the price for family health insurance would be $2500 less per year. All three are turning out not to be true,”

According to an October 12, 2013, Baltimore Sun article, Maryland officials claimed 1,121 people signed up in the first 10 days. If that number was accurate, that means less than 8 people were able to sign up each day for the remainder of the reporting period. At that rate, it would take more than 295 years to sign up all of Maryland’s 800,000 uninsured.


Anonymous said...

That's 1,284 idiot Democrats

Anonymous said...

Key word is "Selected"...that does not mean that they actually BOUGHT the policy...they are playing with the numbers...if a person puts it in their checkout "cart" but does not finalize it, they are still counting it as enrolling. No other business counts things in a "cart" but not paid for as a completed transaction! This is Washington math to try to fake the laughable numbers of idiots that have "signed up".

Anonymous said...

I bet all of them are illegals from Salisbury.