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Friday, September 13, 2013

Perry To Take Trip To Maryland

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is planning a trip to Maryland to tout his state for having lower taxes.

Perry's office announced Thursday he is scheduled to travel to Maryland next week. The Republican has launched radio ads and television ads in Maryland.

Perry's office says the nearly $500,000 in TV and radio buys, as well as the governor's trip, are paid for by a public-private partnership focusing on marketing Texas as a business destination.



Anonymous said...

Make me an offer, Rick, and I'm out of here! Maryland will have another foreclosed building!

Anonymous said...

I wish he would come to Salisbury to educate the city and county councils, the mayor, Rick (tax,spend,and eat) Pollitt, and of course, o'taxie.

Go Texas!

Anonymous said...

Joe, is there a schedule available for Gov Perry's visit. I sure wish he would show up in Salisbury.

Anonymous said...

Defeat the omally s bloomburgs soros republican the less of two evils...NOT! me in the middle...