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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Democrats Against Obamacare

Moderate and conservative Democrats are splitting with the Left on health care.

Texas senator Ted Cruz’s 21-hour 19-minute soliloquy this week apotheosized Republican dissatisfaction with Obamacare. Likewise, the GOP House recently voted to finance everything in Washington, minus the so-called Affordable Care Act.

A real surprise lies behind these headlines: Democratsare falling out of love with Obamacare.



Anonymous said...

when they and/or their family members are denied care because they are too old (take a pain pill ==you don't get the new hip or heart operation you need)) or because it is too much of a "drain" on the system, they will REALLY hate it!

Anonymous said...

Now if these democrats who not only oppose but have the slightest concern that obamacare even may be a train wreck don't get on board with the GOP then it proves how worthless they are.
History has proven that the democratic politicians are not true leaders.
It's gotten to the point where I can't stand any of their sorry butts even down to the local level. Come election time if any dare to come knocking on my door, I'm going to tell the spineless, worthless POS' to go to hell.
Not one of the slimeballs are daring to mention obamacare and how it's hurting the local economy.

Anonymous said...

Almost most of my colleagues and comrades at the VFW have sworn not to vote for any Democrats in 2014. In years past the VFW's were pretty well split in political affiliation. But, with O'Malley taxes and Obamacare we have had enough. Obama has turned his back on Veterans when he asked them to pay for their own health care, but he and Congress pay nothing. I believe that local Democrats like Mathias, Conway and Cane may get a chance to retire. I will do my part to help them along.

Anonymous said...

Of course everyone knows it's a losing battle but why aren't the 3 democrats mentioned above calling MD's US senators and urging them to vote with the GOP? What are they dopey or something? Just the layoffs (YES-like it or not, admit it or not are due to obamacare) at PRMC are going to hurt the local economy drastically including home prices. They should be atleast making the attempt and show us they do care about us instead of constantly idol worshipping omally and obama.