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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Baywater Animal Rescue Invites Community

4930 Bucktown Rd. Cambridge, MD 21613

Baywater Animal Rescue Invites CommunityTo Participate in Development and
Design of Proposed Adoption Center

For more information, contact Suzette Stitely at 410-228-3090. 

(Cambridge, MD) -- Baywater Animal Rescue, the Mid-Shore’s premiere No Kill animal rescue and adoption agency, announced the first phase of a multi-year plan todesign, finance, and construct a revolutionary pet adoption center and community park inCambridge, Maryland. Featuring best practices in sustainable design and pet sheltering, the proposed center will be developed with input from community leaders, educators, electedofficials, animal lovers and adoptive ‘pet parents’ participating in a series of workshops and professionally facilitated focus groups beginning September 28 and culminating November 2.

Baywater’s Board Chair, Jerilyn Gibbs led the Board in developing this novel approach after theonce high kill animal shelter was transformed into the serene, No Kill adoption and advocacyorganization it is today. “We envision a progressive, peaceful and park-like place with space for people, pets and prospective ‘adoptees’ to connect, play and experience the tremendous benefitsof pet ownership” Gibbs said, adding, “such benefits include unconditional love, a sense of responsibility, exercise, and social development.”

Beginning today, the public is invited to visit Baywater Animal Rescue’s website or Facebook page and recommend activities that they would like to see take place at the new center. Facilitated focus groups to solicit program ideas from those involved with children and seniorswill be held Saturday, September 28 at the offices of the Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce. “There are thousands of animal lovers and advocates in Dorchester County,” Gibbssaid, “We want to include their vision for a new center and obtain specific suggestions for activities that will enhance not only the animal adoption process but create pet-centriccommunity programs that benefit people. To contribute your ideas, visit and click on “Contact Us”. For information on Baywater Animal Rescue and to learn about opportunities for joining the organization’s volunteer leadership, contact Jerilyn Gibbs at 410-901-1368.

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Anonymous said...

A word of warning. Don't over do it otherwise you will end up like Safe Haven.
Visions of grandeur are wonderful but should be kept at just visions until finances are stable.
A simple structure is all is needed at this time. Don't ever count on money you do not have at the moment in your hand.