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Friday, September 27, 2013


Obamacare proponents are reportedly expected to spend $1 billion on a six-month campaign to get Americans to sign up for coverage under "Obamacare" when the healthcare exchanges open on October 1.

The Obama administration intends to use social media promotions to target "young adults in urban areas that are home to many of the nation's estimated 47 million uninsured people."



Anonymous said...

The Federal Government is one of the largest work forces in the world. It would have been much easier (and less shady) to place that insurance out to bid, with the requirement that those policies and rates be available to any US Citizen. It would have made the contract even more valuable, and been a free market approach to helping people get coverage, if they want it.

The only thing that forcing people in to insurance does is eliminate the consumer's ability to say no. Less choices = higher prices. And then adding subsidies reduces another factor that would keep downward pressure on prices. Think of the price of everybody has access to plenty of cheap money, the prices go up accordingly. Until enrollment drops off, schools can raise costs all they want without suffering...there are only financial benefits.

Obama Crooked Motors said...

So this ObamaCare is so great that Congress is exempt from it, huh? So its suppose to be good enough for little peasant but our elected officials who make minimum of $200,000/year are not obligated to have it. So here is meessage from king Obama: DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO. Folks, its time to call offices of Mr. Cardin and Mrs. Mikulski and remind them We the People want to DEFUND IT NOW.

Anonymous said...

what a great way to spend taxpayers money...throw even more down the toilet...A$$holes