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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Marching For King's Dream: 'The Task Is Not Done'

Tens of thousands of people marched to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and down the National Mall on Saturday, commemorating the 50th anniversary of King's famous speech and pledging that his dream includes equality for gays, Latinos, the poor and the disabled.

The event was an homage to a generation of activists that endured fire hoses, police abuse and indignities to demand equality for African Americans. But there was a strong theme of unfinished business.

"This is not the time for nostalgic commemoration," said Martin Luther King III, the oldest son of the slain civil rights leader. "Nor is this the time for self-congratulatory celebration. The task is not done. The journey is not complete. We can and we must do more."



Anonymous said...

A 88 Y/O WWII veteran had a dream and two black thugs and a half breed ended it.

Anonymous said...

mlk had a dream for his people to go back to work and stop the Killings.

Anonymous said...

I really believe that mlk would not be least bit impressed with the way his people are behaving these days. Shame on them!!!

Anonymous said...

mlk's dream has been perverted by the race pimps. to educate your children and grandchildren, go back to his original works and speeches.

Anonymous said...

Migration of the African animals to the next watering hole.
National Geographic. com.
Has nothing to do with MLK.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time saying and thinking they are equal when they don't even care about their own.
Unless they have an agenda to attach to a killing such as in the Martin case their silence is deafening on black on black killings.
People who do not value life unless they see an opportunity are not my equals!
From what I understand only 1 speaker had the honesty to bring this up yesterday.