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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Irreconcilable Differences: Conflicting Marriage Laws A Problem For Gay Couples

When it comes to marriage laws, America is now a house divided.

With Illinois failing to approve a gay marriage bill late last week, the number of states expected to legalize gay marriage may be topping out and, unless the U.S. Supreme Court decides otherwise, there are few signs that a large number of other states will follow suit anytime soon.

Can the United States live with such irreconcilable differences?

What happens when a lesbian couple married in New York relocates to North Carolina, which passed an amendment to the state constitution last year banning gay marriage? Can a gay person visit his spouse in the hospital room if there’s a car accident in a non-gay-marriage state? Does a Virginia employer — where gay marriage is not recognized — have to offer spousal benefits, including 12 weeks of federally mandated family leave, to a gay worker who is commuting in every day from the District of Columbia, where gay marriage is legal? Do the laws of the state where the marriage takes place take precedence over the laws of the state where a couple may subsequently reside?

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Anonymous said...

What a mess when we go against Gods plan.

Anonymous said...

336 agreed! Gay civil unions (if a state decides to do this) is NOT MARRIAGE. God made marriage between Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Let Gays go to the states where it is approved and leave the others alone. Soon, I will be moving because MD has become a big ZIT on the butt of the East Coast, that needs popping. The infection is affecting way too many to the benefit of a few OR it is over-taxing the few to pay for the many. In either case, it is quickly becoming a terrible place to live.

Anonymous said...

Neither of the cases before the Supreme Court right now address these questions.
However, in the next few years we will see this come to the court and then they will make gay marriage legal everywhere.

Anonymous said...

The tenth amendment clearly answers these questions.

Anonymous said...

Notice that it bammy's hometown? Muslims don't like gays.