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Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Summer Question: Can Washington Govern?

Congress returns to work next week facing a crowded legislative agenda and one big question for President Obama and Republican lawmakers: Can Washington govern?

At no time since the earliest days of Obama’s presidency have conditions seemed as potentially favorable for cooperation as they do this spring, largely because both sides have reasons to want to show results.

That’s the optimistic view. But running counter is another reality. The agenda is extraordinarily challenging, and trust remains at a minimum. The issues on the calendar — gun control, immigration and the budget — strain the coalitions of each party. At the same time, existing philosophical differences and the rigid contours of political polarization stand in the way of agreements. 



Anonymous said...

NO. It's time for a regime change and that means ALL of them. Lobbyists included

Anonymous said...

clean house except for the new conservatives that mean business and have the good sense God gave them...

Anonymous said...

Ban all lobbyists.

Anonymous said...

No Washington can't govern. Unfortunately we are too stupid to vote any of them out.
Congress= 10-20% approval rate
Congress= 90-95% re-election rate.
We really are that stupid!

Anonymous said...

Can Washington Govern?

Here is YOUR SIGN!! :)