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Monday, April 01, 2013

Deep Budget Cuts Ground Blue Angels

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Deep budget cuts in Washington are grounding the military’s Blue Angels and Thunderbirds.

Gigi Barnett explains business owners say the canceled shows will take thousands of visitors and thousands of dollars with them.

The Navy’s Blue Angels’ wings are clipped. The flight daredevils haven’t been able to dodge deep federal budget cuts. The military is grounding the Blue Angels. It’s a flight that draws thousands time and again.



Anonymous said...

Their motto - "Make the public hurt" is in full force here. The administration could have allowed their management teams to rearrange the funding so as to minimize the impact to the taxpayer. As we have seen from published documents - the public is encouraged to feel the pain and complain.

Hopefully, those of us with active brain cells know what is going on and are complaining appropriately - instead of saying "turn the cash spigot back on"...which is what the administration wants to hear!

Anonymous said...

Obama is at it again. The Sequestration is actually a reduction in the amount of increase in Federal spending. Obama was offered the opportunity to specify particular cuts meant to minimize inconvenience and target cuts where most necessary but he declined to do so. The Federal budget has never been greater. These sorts of high profile "cuts" are political theater meant to fool the low/no information voters into thinking there is some kind of crisis when there is not. No matter how much money the taxpayers give the Federal Best it will never be enough.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a population that serves the government rather than the other way around?

Are all you libbies happy now?

Anonymous said...

i really don't care what they cut. as long as they cut.

Anonymous said...

Damn, does this mean they are toast for the OC Air Show in June? Might just as well fly some helium balloons down the beach in that case!

Anonymous said...

All of these flyboys and other show-off groups are a big waste of taxpayers money. Cut everywhere, and trim the fat!

Anonymous said...

facebook has a schedule of their appearances.
this is not totally true.

Anonymous said...

Again, Sequestration just means that the increased spending over last year will be smaller! Get it?
If he's cutting it on the Blue angels, he's spending it on supporting Al-Quida!

OK with that?