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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Texas Forced to Admit Cutting Family Planning Funding was a Bad Idea

In a policy shift that should surprise no one (except right wing politicians), the state of Texas has been forced to backtrack on their move to de-fund women's health care and family planning. In eliminating $73 million of family planning funding, the Health and Human Services commission has projected that "over 20,000 unplanned births are on the horizon for women in poverty on Medicaid, at a $237 million cost to taxpayers."

Again, this isn't news to anyone that can do simple math. The more a state restricts access to women's health services that include contraceptive access and family planning information, the more babies will result. While the original move was intended to “defund the ‘abortion industry,’
it actually delivered a devastating blow to low income women with few to no other options across the state of Texas. In finally arriving at the conclusion the rest of us have known since the beginning, Texas politicians finally appear to be backtracking.


Anonymous said...

For each new baby deduct money per month. stop the baby increases.

Anonymous said...

dont give no money out peroid see if they keep having babies then

Anonymous said...

Yes, cut of the life support NOW.
Enough is enough. They will survive on private charities, churches and family.
It's time for people to be responsible and take care of their own.
Survival of the fittest.
Natural law.

Gary said...

Offer sterilization! Goes along way in reducing the welfare programs at the same time. Rewarding bad behavior without questions or responsibilities is a big part of what got us in this financial hole. 3rd..4th generation welfare dependency with 3 or more children is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

All you people know is KILL the babies.