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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Peninsula Portable Restrooms 10-point service plan improves experience

– When it comes to innovation, Peninsula Portable Restrooms has proven time and again it is at the forefront of cleanliness and customer satisfaction in the realm of port-a- potties. The company devised a 10 point system to assure that its facilities exceed standards and improve the experience of its clientele.

Located in Seaford, Del., and servicing the entire Delmarva, Peninsula Portable Restroom maintains the cleanest restrooms in the region. Peninsula Portable Restroom service technicians are trained in an industry leading 10-Point Service Plan that ensures consistent and safe sanitation services at every port-a-potty service location.

Each portable toilet service involves the following steps:
1. Restroom to be placed in a convenient accessible location on level ground.
2. Holding tank will be evacuated and interior debris removed.
3. Holding tank will be refilled with earth-friendly deodorizer.
4. Interior walls, toilet seat, urinal, exterior of holding tank, paper dispenser and floor will be sprayed with disinfectant, cleaned & dried.
5. Interior will be sprayed with a special deodorizer.
6. If ordered, Hand Sanitizer or Hand Wash Station will be replenished and restocked.
7. Toilet paper dispenser will be restocked with 2 rolls.
8. Install urinal bock
9. Replace scented ring
10. Technician will inspect each unit for minor damage or repairs.

“Basically we want our restroom to smell and perform better than any other in the region, no matter what the weather, or the number of people using it,” says John Wiley II, president of the Peninsula Family of companies. “All this is on top of our 10 point cleaning process that uses special brushes, a lot of elbow grease, and most importantly drying with a squeegee and finally a microfiber cloth.”

Peninsula’s staff works with its clients to choose the best restroom for an event. When the day arrives, Peninsula will place the facilities where they are easiest to access for guests. In addition, each room is well stocked with soap, paper products and is perfectly sanitized.

Luxury restroom trailers complement special events. Show guests how much you care by providing true comfort. These units are ideal for outdoor parties, wedding receptions, family reunions or any special occasion. Peninsula Restroom Trailers offer these amenities and more:

· Luxury restrooms appointed in porcelain with stylish hardware

· Atmospheric lighting

· Sinks with fresh running hot and cold water

· Heating and air conditioning

· Solid doors

· Men’s and Women’s facilities

Peninsula recommends reserving a luxury trailer well in advance to ensure availability. Call 302-­629-­3001 or toll free 888-410-9276 for more information.

Peninsula Portable Restroom Services is part of the Peninsula Family of companies with a long history on Delmarva. Founded in 1935 by John Emory Willey, Peninsula Oil & Propane has been handed down from generation to generation and is headed today by John Willey II.

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