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Monday, December 24, 2012

The National Yule Log Blazes No More

They are wandering around the National Christmas Tree on the Ellipse, disoriented and stunned. Like George Bailey as if he’d never been born. Or Scrooge glimpsing Christmas future.

“I am so disappointed!” says Maribeth LaFave of Alexandria.

“What happened to tradition?” asks Valerie Mayes of Harrisonburg, Va.

They feel as if they are hallucinating. Something is not right. Something is missing.

“It used to be right here,” says Chris Marks of Ellicott City.

He points to a patch of yellow sod in the cold shadows beyond the winking tree.

Like an unmarked grave, the sod covers the masonry fire pit where the national yule log used to burn every December. The National Park Service called it “Ye Olde Yule Log.” For more than 50 years, it was one of the quirky miracles of holiday Washington.



Anonymous said...

The fire represented warmth and fellowship. So does the Constitution. If the Anointed one wants to get rid of one, he might as well get rid of another...

Anonymous said...

What did you expect. Obama is not an American, and all those who voted for him are not Americans either. Obama supporters should be ashamed. But, they won't be because they know no better. What a sorry state of affairs our Country is in now because of ignorant voters!

Anonymous said...

You can thank the Godless communists that all the Stupid of this nation supposedly voted for...... You get what you deserve..... Merry CHRISTmas