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Sunday, December 09, 2012



In the heyday of the Dem0krats’ Golden Era Of Slavery, many of the rich, wealthy Dem0krat landowners enjoyed the fruits of their kkkapitalist ventures. They amassed for themselves huge fortunes, huge houses and huge parcels of land. No one seemed to complain about the “1%”, or “fairness and equality” and “social justice” in those days because they were too busy sitting around on their excessively large porches sipping mint juleps, playing their banjos and entertaining their wealthy cronies with elaborate parties.

In order to maintain such a lush, care-free lifestyle, they needed to have others do all the work they refused to do. Using their wealth, they would purchase for themselves slaves of a minority race.

These slaves had little say in what they did. They were ordered to do their tasks and that was the end of it. Whatever the rich Dem0krat wanted them to do they would do. They had no choice in the matter. They were offered cheap housing and a meager subsistence for their labor. If a slave didn’t want to perform their duties, or had other ideas that were not acceptable to the plantation owner, they were punished until their minds were made right once again.

Slaves being born into slavery only made their lifestyle seem like the only one they would ever know. They were born to serve the white Dem0krat ‘massahs’ as that was their only mission in life. There were no choices for them other than to live, serve Dem0krats and die.


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Anonymous said...

An edgy, but true, piece of commentary.