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Monday, December 17, 2012

Milford High Student Brought Loaded Shotgun To School

A 16-year-old Milford High School student was arrested Monday after police found a loaded shotgun in his vehicle.

Police said Milford's School Resource Police Officer received a tip Monday that the student had purposefully brought a loaded weapon to school and that it might be in his vehicle.

Officers searched the student's vehicle and discovered a loaded 20-gauge shotgun along with additional ammunition.

The unidentified student is now charged with carrying a concealed deadly weapon, possession of a firearm in a safe school zone and possession of an unlawfully loaded shotgun.



Anonymous said...

They need to really step up the security at these schools and do random cks.

Anonymous said...

The kid may have been hunting. Remember when we brought our guns to school with us when we came to school right after hunting in the morning. Left them right in the truck. No problem.

Anonymous said...

9:34 -

What about places like those shopping malls and the Civic Center too. And movie theaters.

Anonymous said...

Why stop at schools, malls and public places? Lets setup checkpoints on major roads to inspect each vehicle, go door to door a search homes. We need to double security forces in order to monitor every individual 24 7.

Sounds a little like East Germany in the 60's - 80's doesn't it?

Alex said...

Milford Mill huh, he was hunting humans maybe.

Anonymous said...

6:23 obviously you have no children? and schools are off limits,maybe we should let them smoke a little weed in front of the school to ...GROW UP.

Anonymous said...

At 16 yrs of age this kid knows right from wrong and he's experienced with guns and hunting should show more responsiblity and respect and obey that guns in schools are off limits.
Why did he just flippantly disregard the law about guns on school property and leave the shotgun in his truck?
Is he already showing signs of someone who thinks they are above the law? Something to think about.

Anonymous said...

ahhh....public school. get what you pay for. all that educational money wasted on over paid administrators and can't afford a decent security system. guess it's more imporatant to line the pockets of BOE Execs. Just shows you the more money spend on education doesn't make for a better system.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the schools didn't even go into lockdown, the parents weren't told until after it hit the media, & even the teachers were unaware. WOW! Way to make parents & students feel safe Milford!