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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Clout Diminished, Tea Party Turns To Narrower Issues

The Tea Party might not be over, but it is increasingly clear that the election last month significantly weakened the once-surging movement, which nearly captured control of the Republican Partythrough a potent combination of populism and fury.
Leading Congressional Republicans, though they remain far apart fromPresident Obama, have embraced raising tax revenues in budget negotiations, repudiating a central tenet of the Tea Party. Even more telling, Tea Party activists in the middle of the country are skirting the fiscal showdown in Congress and turning to narrower issues, raising questions about whether the movement still represents a citizen groundswell to which attention must be paid.

Grass-roots leaders said this month that after losing any chance of repealing the nationalhealth care law, they would press states to “nullify” or ignore it. They also plan to focus on a two-decade-old United Nations resolution that they call a plot against property rights, and on “fraud” by local election boards that, some believe, let the Democrats steal the November vote.



Anonymous said...

Since when did the Tea Party support Mittens? He was forced down the conservatives throats by a GOP establishment that has lost it's way.

Queensgirl52 said...

I love the "tinfoil hat issues" description. That pretty much sums up the Tea Party.

Bullard Construction said...

The "Tin Foil Hats " moniker came with the republican party as they ignored the tea Party's support of Ron Paul and shoved Mitt up our collective arses. As a result, the Tea Party no longer trusts the Republican Party having been taken to the woodshed by them in 2012. This is why the GOP lost.
Since the Tea Party members are winners, we feel no need to support nor align ourselves with back stabbing politicians of either party, but stick to our original goals and will befriend members of any of the six+ parties who are willing to support our Constitution and the Founding fathers' intentions.

For example, Wendy Rosen would be the polar opposite here!


When we start the 2nd American Revolution these same Hippocrates will look to us to help them.

Anonymous said...

When will the Tea Party supporters realize that while they may feel very strongly about their positions, they are in the minority! They do NOT represent the the beliefs of the majority of the nation. Just the same that has happened with the Green Party and all of the other splintered factions. Just a different name. NO difference.