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Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Clint Eastwood’s performance at the Republican National Convention last Thursday sparked a raft of conflicted reactions from the political commentariat. Many liberals sneered at the speech as a grotesque bit of exploitative theater – Dirty Harry meets Honey Boo Boo – while others, including Bill Maher and Jon Stewart, applauded the speech for its comedic timing. Conservatives, too, had mixed reactions, with some bemoaning the speech’s potential for distraction on a night that should have belonged to GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, while others found it hilarious and cutting in its unscripted genuineness.



Anonymous said...

Great idea! Just what an old man with Alzheimers needs.An empty presidential chair with rollers so he can push himself around the room or just imagine himself in front of a camera,speaking complete jibberish to the entire nation.Trendworthy? Of course not,but this is America,so lower standards can be expected.

Anonymous said...

Just an idea the Democrats for their convention this week could depict a chair with a big balloon in it with Romney's picture--full of hot air!!!!

Anonymous said...

i totally appreciated and understood exactly what clint eastwood was saying and how he was saying it. a clear mind, discernment and wisdom is needed for this "skit".

for those who didn't get it; you didn't understand or remember he is an actor. it was a Great way to get across to the entire nation what and who obama is; AN EMPTY SUIT SITTING IN AN EMPTY CHAIR. if you don't get this you're brain dead.

clint eastwood was VERY funny and VERY profound at the same time. this is hard to pull off, but he did it brilliantly. truth - what a concept...

Anonymous said...

I get what Mr. Eastwood was saying. I am not an idiot. I also think it was stupid.