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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hillary Clinton Is A Badass: 20 Photos That Show Why

If her tenure as First Lady, her run for the presidency in 2008 or her State Department travels weren't enough to make Hillary Clinton famous, this photograph helped her go mainstream.

The photo, from the Tumblr "Texts from Hillary" that imagines various conversations with famous people texting Hillary and her zinger responses, started her mid-April rise.

The rise continued with party photos in Colombia, with Hillary slugging back a beer. Then there was the hilarious, flirty rejection letter she sent actor Jason Segel.

But Clinton has starred in some awesome photographs throughout her career. We've combed the Clinton archives and found 20 pictures that could serve as the inspiration for many more memes.



Anonymous said...

The picture of her scared out of her girdle watching Osama being taken out says it all.

Anonymous said...

She's not anyone to admire. Presently she's working to make the Second Amendment void by signing an agreement with the UN. Unamerican, and about to sell you out. Treason, I believe it's called.

Anonymous said...

A high ranking witch