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Thursday, May 03, 2012

'Supermoon': The Largest Full Moon of 2012 This Saturday

A rare "Supermoon" event will fill the skies this Saturday over Baltimore.  The lunar event will begin shortly after 8PM EST and will officially become full at 11:35PM ET. says the moon will swing in 221,802 miles (356,955 kilometers) from our planet allowing for a spectacular view of the moon. The combination of this month's full moon event coinciding with the moon's perigee -its closest approach to Earth- will make it the largest full moon of the year.

This month's full moon is due to be about 16 percent brighter than average. 

While above average lunar activity has been linked to abnormal tides, scientists say there is no reason for alarm. The slight distance difference isn't enough to cause geological events or extreme tidal effects.  Low tide at Fort McHenry during the event will be the lowest Sunday morning at 12:37am.

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Anonymous said...

The super lunatics will be out in force. LEO's and hospital personnel will be extraordinarily busy. I'm staying home.