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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Zoo Security

The Salisbury Zoo admitted Monday night that they have "beefed up security" at the Salisbury Zoo. If you look back at the first picture posted above you'll clearly see a sign on the cart showing a no bicycle riding sign. What has always amazed me about visiting the Salisbury Zoo is the fact that I am only there for 10 to 15 minutes but the amount of violations I have captured on camera is just amazing in such a short period of time. There's no security at the Zoo because there's never anyone around. Zookeepers are hiding most of the time inside air conditioned buildings and even if you desperately needed someone for an emergency you'd have to go all the way to the back of the Zoo to the main office to get someone because they just aren't on the grounds.

Maybe if Jim Rapp used his head, (IF) bicycle riding through the Zoo is such a problem, make a rule there's NO BIKES ALLOWED, period! No walking your bike and certainly no riding your bike. OR, create a bike trail through the Zoo whereas anyone and everyone can ride through the Zoo. I say however, if you're going to create new rules to keep the ALBERO'S out of the Zoo, enforce the rules you have now!


Iyeska said...

Bike paths would be great through the zoo into the park. I do think if people ride there bikes to the park they should walk them through the zoo to avoid accidents. It just makes good sense, what do I know?

anonymous poster said...

By beefed up I assumed that security guard was lifting weights and taking steroids.

Can we force a piss test on the feller?

Insider said...

Piss Test! Heck, it's well known some of the Staff at the Salisbury Zoo smoke pot every day and they're not tested. Fact #2, one of them was even caught many years ago after taking a piss test and they dropped it, never to be tested again. However, during that same time a few black City Employees tested positive for alcohol in their system and they were fired. Hmmmmmm! I guess if you're a white female you have nothing to lose?