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Thursday, August 24, 2006

43,000 Gallons Of Sewage Leaks Into The Wicomico River This Morning

Barrie Tilghman claimed that a coupling broke at 1:00 am this morning allowing 43,000 gallons of sewage to leak out into the street and ultimately into the river.

Now I don't know about you folks but I used to have a pool in my back yard in Davidsonville, MD. that was 84,000 gallons of water so I personally find their volume "highly suspicious!" It's my understanding they closed off roads and one road was actually flooded by the volume of water/sewage. My guess would be a much higher volume of water actually spilled but you know how it works, they pay fines based on the gallons that were spilled and usually the MDE buys their BS.

Maybe this time Dave Pushkar will open his eyes and see a bit more clearly as to how much sewage actually spilled and not trust the figures offered by John Jacobs? Mr. Pushkar has confirmed with me directly that this was in fact reported to his office earlier today.

Oh, make sure you don't drink any water out of the Wicomico River for a little while and there'll be no fishing or swimming there till September 7th as well. Water-skiing and other activities down river seem to be ok because the spill will only be located in one small area that John Jacobs wants quarantined. I wonder where the fish and wildlife will be housed in the mean time?

The photo above is not the actual location of the spill.


nosweat said...

It just can't be~!!!! Who was the guy at the P & Z hearing, that said the city is capable of making 6 sewer hook-ups a day and not be at capacity? When infrastructure is outdated, how do they estimate capacity?

Lies, lies and more lies, and more a-holes than you can shake a stick at to help cover up the lies further. The Mare and city council need to take a good dunking "Down By The River."

Iyeska said...

The only reason BPT and her flying monkeys called MDE right away is because they knew you would be all over this like stink on...need I say it? :)

Good Job, Joe!!! Thats the way to keep them on their toes.

Art Goetz said...

Spill happened because a coupling broke or gave way? Aren't they supposed to check on such possible leakages on a reguler basis? Seems prudent to me to do so, especially in an area where a potential problem exists. So how much is this going to cost us tax payers to bail out this group of flying momkeys, as Iyeska puts it?
Seems like to me that we need a PW Director who can control things better than we've been getting of late!

joealbero said...


What's even more interesting is the fact that this coupling was recognized by 9:00 PM, quite a few HOURS before it exploded! Rather than shutting everything down they chose to take the HUGE risk of letting it possibly explode and cost the taxpayers once again.

I will forever question this 43,000 gallons of raw sewage as well. If it made it all the way to the river and there was enough to create a no swimming and no fishing till the 7th of September, BS!!!! I'd say 43,000 gallons made it into the river and there was a whole lot more than that in which leaked. Maybe we were technically wrong and the Press Release was made to sound like only 43,000 gallons leaked, period. Hmmmmm?

Iyeska said...

You aren't suggesting the mayor and her PW flunkie would skew the numbers are you?

There were bales of straw blocking a storm drain when I came across Fitzwater St tonight and a crew still working at the pumping station.

Did they know the coupling was weak at 9:30AM or did the coupling give way at that time?

joealbero said...

The coupling was leaking at 9:30 PM last night and exploded at 1:00 AM this morning.

nosweat said...

First I heard that the WWTP upgrades would be done in 2006. Then I heard they would be completed by 2007. Now the online newspaper post quotes a completion date in 2008. Huh?

We got plenty of room for expansion, the river will hold as much sewage as we can dump in it~!!!

nosweat said... also printed that the pipe was discovered at 9:30am, do they even do fact checks? Or just publish everything they are told to publish, without question?

Iyeska said...

No Sweat, you should know by now that the Daily Crime does not use spell check, they do not review their own writings or check for facts before publishing and their editor doesn't edit. If they did any of these things there would not be so many misspelled words in either the online or hard copy versions. Just goes to show that english, writing and spelling were not part of these journalists required classes.

I'll bet some don't even know the difference between AM and PM, I'll go one further, I'll bet some can't tell time without a digital clock.

Lets keep them in business though, the humane society really needs the paper to line those pens.

nosweat said...

I drove past the pump station on Fritzwater street on Saturday 8/26, the pumps were still running~!!! Does that mean the pipe is still leaking?