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Saturday, April 04, 2020

House Republicans Ask Governor to Allow Gun Stores to Remain Open

Federal Guidance Designates Gun Stores As Essential

House Republicans today sent a letter to Governor Hogan asking that he allow Maryland gun stores to stay open. Maryland gun stores are currently designated as essential in accordance with guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security. The letter follows a request from General Assembly Democrats that the Governor force these stores to close.

The letter can be read here.


Anonymous said...

There is no asking involved. Please refer to Amendment #2 of the United States Constitution. Any other law is UNCONSTITUTIONAL..

Gosh darn! God, our Creator, endowed these rights to us on birth.

The Constitution refers to these rights to be inlienable, which means no government can change a birthright. So the 2A protects these rights completely.

Unfortunately, the 10A allows the States to act ti their will, thus by some underhanded standards allow for breach of the 2A which I wholly disagree with, but recognize.

With the current cover situations and rules, I fully expect a forceful remediation of the current State Rules.

Stay armed and have backup, folks. Talk to your neighbor about your feelings and issues, as they are your best defense when LEO shows up.

Steve said...

asking? FU! the is a required business, especially now!

Steve said...

No need to ask, just refer to the Second
amendment. That pretty much sums it up. We have these rights from birth, and 2A protects them, period.