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Friday, July 19, 2019

Breakthrough technique eradicates mosquitoes

A breakthrough technique harnessing two methods to target disease-carrying mosquitoes was able to effectively eradicate buzzing biters in two test sites in China, according to research published on Thursday.

The mosquitoes targeted are a type that is particularly difficult to control called Aedes albopictus—more popularly known as the Asian tiger mosquito—which are a major vector for diseases including Zika and dengue.

The study "demonstrates the potential of a potent new tool", wrote Peter Armbruster, a professor at Georgetown University's department of biology, in a review of the work.

Researchers harnessed two population control methods: the use of radiation—which effectively sterilises mosquitoes—and a strain of bacteria called Wolbachia that leaves mosquito eggs dead on arrival.

They conducted a two-year trial at two sites on river islands in Guangzhou, where Asian tiger mosquitoes are to blame for the highest dengue transmission rate in China.

The results were "remarkable", wrote Armbruster: the number of hatched mosquitoes eggs plunged by 94 percent, with not a single viable egg recorded for up to 13 weeks in some cases.



Anonymous said...

The Asian Tiger Mosquito is that big striped monster that has made itself at home in every coastal area west of the Rockies. Delmarva is infested with billions of them.

Anonymous said...

Using radiation and weaponized bacteria to wipe out species...what could possibly go wrong!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

This might work in China, but would it work on Deal Island??? :-)

Anonymous said...

can they come up with something to eradicate the dumocrats,american haters!

Anonymous said...

Captain Obvious lol.

Anonymous said...

So we had a very effective method of eradicating mosquitoes called DDT.
But the libtard queen named Rachel Carson wrote a book called Silent Spring that was full of lies and fake science claiming DDT caused bird egg shells to become too thin.
The book led to the banning of DDT and the end results is that MILLIONS of people have died of malaria as a result.
DDT has since been vindicated but is still banned.

No one will be held accountable for their dangerous feel good nonsense policies.

Anonymous said...

And we’re trusting the Chinese on this???? No, I don’t think so.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good for LIBS.

local said...

Dont like our Eastern Shore mosquitos ?

move back to New York, Joisey or Baltimoe

Anonymous said...

Though I can certainly see the difference between a bee and a mosquito, are we 100% certain they have no life sustaining property? I mean before we exterminate them all. I'm not an expert, I just want us to be sure. We can't undo a complete eradication.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is, but when mosquitoes bite on me, they pull their needle out of me and fall on the floor, dead. They don't bother me so much.