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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Fellow Soldiers SLAM Col. Vindman for “Pushing a Coup” by Testifying in Uniform and For Secretly Advising Ukrainians to Ignore US President

Adam Schiff’s star witness Alexander Vindman testified to the House Intel Committee that he “thought” the President was wrong in his policy with Ukraine. So he later told Ukrainians to ignore the President.

Alexander Vindman’s testimony was recently released and it shows an ignorant underling in the NSC who believed the President’s policy in the Ukraine was flawed and because of this Vindman notified a group of ‘Ukrainians’ to ignore the President’s requests.

The Conservative Treehouse reported on the release and highlighted some interesting pieces from the testimony. Apparently in his opening remarks young Vindman stated that he believed the President ‘demanded’ something from the Ukrainians. Representative Ratcliff destroyed him on this assertion.



Anonymous said...

He's got a twin brother that's works in the WH. Get both traitors out of here.

Anonymous said...

Traitors every dam one of em. Sickens me what they are doing to this republic. A Smackdown is a coming for these fecal eaters

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I belive that a court marshall offence. In that uniform he forgets who he works for...GROSS insubordination

Anonymous said...

Sounds as though this BOZO is being villifyed in the court of public opinion, rightfully so. So, who are the ones "abusing power" here? Schiff is running a one man dog and pony show while his boy toy Swalwell (he of recent 2020 campaign failure) stands in the wings salivating like a young puppy. The left hierarchy is deranged and dellusional and frankly I think Pelosi sees it and when this all falls flat she will be toast along with other high rankers. Stand by for mass exodus on the left.

bob pinto said...

Speaking as a former soldier, he's supposed to do what he was ordered to do, not go around to others criticizing because he didn't agree with it. When you're a soldier, nobody is interested in your opinions-just your ability to follow orders.
If there were something heinous, then you can speak up.
Vindman is a sorry soldier.