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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

MDTA employees diagnosed with legionellosis; I-895 toll booths automated

BALTIMORE —The Interstate 895 toll booths are only taking tolls electronically Tuesday after officials closed the facility because two employees were diagnosed with legionellosis.

E-ZPass lanes at the toll plaza will operate as normal Tuesday, but cash payment lanes will operate as video (cashless) toll lanes. Drivers who usually pay with cash should keep moving through the plaza without stopping and will be sent a toll statement. The transactions will be billed at the cash toll rate.

The Maryland Transportation Authority announced that its administration building at the I-895/Baltimore Harbor Tunnel toll plaza closed Tuesday and the toll booths will be automated as state and Baltimore City health officials assess where two employees diagnosed with legionellosis may have contracted the illness.


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Anonymous said...

So they're non essential government employees?