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Friday, May 03, 2019

Search Continues For Whale Snagged In Fishing Net

OCEAN CITY — National Aquarium animal rescue officials on Friday were searching the waters off the coast of Ocean City for a juvenile humpback whale snagged in a commercial fishing net in the bay north of the Route 50 bridge and briefly released by Good Samaritans.
Around 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, a group of individuals fishing from a boat in the bay north of the Route 50 bridge around 12thStreet came upon a juvenile humpback whale stranded in a fishing net. The Good Samaritans called Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP), who began the tedious process of cutting the net away from the humpback whale roughly 40 feet long.
The NRP responded and, together with the individuals who discovered the snagged whale, continued to cut away at the net for a long time until the whale freed itself and swam away. The rescue efforts were halted because of darkness and an approaching storm.


Anonymous said...

Why can’t we just completely ban all netting. This grotesque practice kills indiscriminately. All for a very few greedy men to gain financially without giving back.

Anonymous said...

Leave it alone. It's gone, or dead. Either way searching for (chasing) it isn't going to do it any good. If it's dead, it will wash up on the beach. Then everyone can be relieved that they KNOW what happened to it.

Anonymous said...

8:33 the impact of fertilizers and other run off is worse for the sea life than nets. Why don't we shut down those greedy farmers?