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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Dropping ‘Zero Tolerance’ Signaled Open Door for Illegal Immigrants

Feeling the political heat over separating families of illegal immigrants, President Donald Trump took executive action in June to scale back his “zero tolerance” policy for border crossers.

But under existing law, this had fairly predictable results, immigration experts said.

“Catch and release is not an official policy, but it is the default until we have better laws,” Chris Chmielenski, deputy director of Numbers USA, a research group that supports immigration restrictions, told The Daily Signal.

While curbing illegal immigration was Trump’s signature campaign issue, and the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security have increased enforcement, the problem of illegal border crossings has escalated again in recent months.

Experts say the Trump administration may have done everything possible through executive action, and must rely on Congress to close certain loopholes to better secure the border.

In lieu of consequences, the number of migrant parents illegally entering the United States escalated since Trump ended separation of children from parents at the border, The Washington Post reported this week.



Anonymous said...

This current immigration influx is all politically motivated by the Dems. Nothing else is the motive with Cavanaugh getting his new status they are out for blood more than ever. Anything to hinder and make the voters question Trump even in a slight way they think will likely sway the people to vote for a Dem that will decrease his chance.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, well said!

Anonymous said...

And you are 100% correct. They will stop at nothing and will get as down and dirty as they can to try to sway the votes to Dem.