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Friday, August 04, 2017

H.R. McMaster Promised Susan Rice She Could Keep Security Clearance in Secret Letter

President Donald Trump’s National Security adviser H.R. McMaster allowed former President Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice to maintain her security clearance to access classified information — despite reservations Trump had about her motives.

McMaster sent an official letter to Rice informing her that she would maintain unfettered access to classified information, according to a report from Circa’s Sara Carter.

The president was not aware of his actions, according to two senior White House officials and an intelligence official.



Anonymous said...

Why does she need security clearance; we have a new administration?

lmclain said...

AND the President didn't know that Rice, an arch enemy, was being given "unfettered access" to classified info??
For what purpose and to what end?

McMaster may be eating dinner at home soon.

Anonymous said...

Lost a lot of respect for Trump. Is he stupid?. Why did he not dump all Obama appointees in al positions on day one. What does he expect??

Anonymous said...

Obama reclassified 88 political appointees as civil servants. Are they the informants who are leaking everything Trump does? Obama made it harder to get rid of them.