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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Beach replenishment contract awarded

The U.S Army Corps of Engineers announced Wednesday that it has awarded a $12.7 million contract to Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company to add 900,000 cubic yards, or nearly a million tons of sand to Ocean City’s beach this fall.

The beach berm, which is the wide, flat beach in front of the Boardwalk and dunes, is an engineered beach that is an element of the overall coastal storm risk management project in Ocean City.

“Most people may not realize it, but the beach at Ocean City enjoyed by so many visitors is actually an engineered beach that is designed to be part of a system to reduce coastal storm damages,” said Army Corps Project Manager Justin Callahan.

“This renourishment is an important part of the long-term commitment to maintaining this coastal storm risk management project and we’re delighted to be able to begin work later this year.”



Anonymous said...

Nice to know we will still have beautiful beaches to draw low life to the shoreline. That money is put to use in schools instead? I know....absurd.

Anonymous said...

At least when you replenish the beach you have something to show for it. We poor millions and millions of dollars into education and look what we get.