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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

NYC Dad Outraged Over Daughter's 'Anti-Trump' Homework Question

A New York father was outraged when his daughter was asked to complete a homework assignment that ended with a politicized question.

Vincent Ungro of Staten Island told Ed Henry that his 11-year-old daughter brought home an assignment that read as follows:

"President Trump speaks in a very superior and [BLANK] manner, insulting many people.

He needs to be more [BLANK] so the American people respect and admire him," the assignment read, asking the student to fill in the blanks with vocabulary terms.



Anonymous said...

Perfect example of the insidious nature of politics in to education. They should stick to Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic...unless it's a civics class - then the opinions of the educator need to be stifled in front of the students in order for them to form their own opinions!

Anonymous said...

Not much difference in these nut jobs as the so called journalist (reporters), is there?

Anonymous said...

Keep politics out of schools and colleges. The liberal brainwashing starts early and is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Teacher and administrators should be written up or fired. This is not asking children what they think, rather telling them to be biased for a passing grade. Unacceptable!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Betsy DeVoss will root these socialists/communists out of the educational system. This is in part what is wrong along with the lack of control in the classroom. The teacher's unions are also to blame for allowing this counter culture to exist. teach government and civics, not personal feelings.

Anonymous said...

They try to keep religion out of schools (especially christian, muslim seems to be OK though) I say political BS should be kept out of schools to stop the liberal agenda